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November 10, 2022

The Archbishop has started a programme of renewal for each parish in Dublin called Building Hope. It is a follow on from the Synodal Pathway meetings earlier in the year started by Pope Francis for the whole Catholic world and that will be concluded next year. This programme is aiming to bring renewal of our Faith and practice into our own parish and diocese. Ireland is now a Mission country as well as other Missions that we think of on Mission Sunday. The challenges facing us are for example:

  • the small number of priests,
  • the necessity for the greater involvement of lay people in the life of the Church,
  • the fall in attendance of people at mass,
  • the shortage of young people in the church.

We will have a gathering on Thursday 10th November in the church from 7 30 pm to 9 pm with a break for a cuppa. It will be about the renewal of the Priory Parish. All are very welcome. We encourage you to say the Building Hope Prayer. It is available on the table at the back of the church.  There is also a survey about the parish - its population and church attendance - on display in the church porch.

Tallaght Village, Dublin D24

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