Fr. Paschal Tiernan's letter about his TEA:

Two-and-a-half years ago I began writing TEA and circulating it. T stands for TEXT; E for EXPLANATION; A for APPLICATION. These are applied to the Sunday Gospel each week and are sent out without cost to any who wish to prepare for Sunday Mass.

In the past there were a few groups who used TEA in catechetical programmes or in Bible Study Groups. There may be others who could avail of these notes for similar teachings.

I apologise for the long delay in sending you TEA. I stopped last year during Lent when I was not well. I had five sessions in hospital last year for a total of five stays and 70 days. This year I had ten days confinement. I am much better now, thank God and hoping that I can continue. I thought that last December when I sent out two issues of TEA but I was rushed into hospital and did not get the opportunity of informing you.

Please pray that I may continue. At least I have started.

I pray for all TEA readers daily.

Yours sincerely,

Paschal Seamus Tiernan, O.P.

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